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Thibault Saunier


Thibault Saunier has obtained a master degree in Computer Science in 2011. He has been working since 2009 on GStreamer and related technologies. Since 2011 he has been working professionally on GStreamer itself, and thus has a deep knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the framework.

He has been the third main contributor on GStreamer over the last 12 months. Mathieu and him have been the main developers of gst-python, gstreamer-editing-services and gnonlin and maintain those components.

He has been working on the GStreamer Quality Assurance infrastructure, writing a big part of the gst-validate integration test tool. He has a deep knowledge of the GStreamer cross platform build system, cerbero

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Mathieu Duponchelle


Mathieu Duponchelle has obtained a master degree in Computer Science at Epitech Paris. He became involved in the GStreamer Open Source Multimedia framework through pitivi in 2010, then worked as a Google Summer Of Code student in 2011 and 2013.

These two projects, alongside all the free time he spent improving the framework, gave him a good expertise on the GStreamer framework as a whole. He is a maintainer of GES and Pitivi, and has an advanced knowledge of dynamic GStreamer pipelines, videomixing and the MPEG TS demuxer.

In his "free" time, he loves experimenting with the framework, for example he wrote a frame interpolator to allow for smooth slow motion, or created a mixing software with beat detection using LSTM neural networks.

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